Kronnika Robot Marketplace

You can start using pay-as-you-go robots according to your business process needs immediately on the Kronnika Robot Marketplace. You can also leave a process automation request for robots that fits your needs. In addition, RPA developers and RPA analysts can put up for sale their own developed robots on Kronnika Robot Marketplace. So they can generate additional income for themselves.

Your own developer teams can design the robot that suits your needs on the platform. Alternatively, you can forward your robot requests to the Kronnika developer team. After the analysis meeting to be held, we will understand your process in detail, document it, develop it for you and present it as a demo. You will never pay license fees for our robots working in your systems or workflows. You only pay per minute when you use our robots. So you can reduce your costs and automate your work quickly and easily.

You will soon be able to reach our robots that you can use at the Robot Market on We will continue to offer some of these robots to you in the following areas for you to request immediately.