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As Kronnika, we’d like to show you how you can benefit from Robotic Process Automation technology with the process-based solutions we currently offer. You can always share your similar or different processes with us and start saving time with Kronnika robots. With the pay-as-you-go model in Kronnika, you do not pay a robot license fee and you can start using our software robots just in a few days.

For companies, automating accounts payable is a difficult process. Even if technologies such as ERP, OCR, and e-invoice are used, some important processes still cannot be automated. That is why account management processes are carried out by external support. Most invoices come as paper documents by mail or in PDF format by email. There are many questions that the employee who manages the payable account must answer, such as whether it matches the ERP system, whether it comes from, or if it is approved by the customer or not.


Although it may seem easy at first to adapt all incoming documents to the predetermined company format, it can turn into a long, boring, and complex process for the employee. Time-consuming, tedious tasks such as collecting the documents required for payment and placing them in a certain order, matching the invoice price with the main price can be easily done with automation. The processes that support reporting, analysis, and decision-making between employees, suppliers, and third parties can be automated by RPA, and data flows can be easily ensured so that systems can easily integrate with each other, reduce costs, improve performance and automate processes in a legally compliant manner.


The processing of claims plays a particularly important role in the insurance industry. The company fulfills its commitment to customers and increases its reliability by setting its service standards. Fulfillment of requests is directly related to the speed and accuracy of the process, the correct delivery of administrative, managerial, and customer services.

Companies often outsource their claims and have to rely on the quality of this service. This leads to an increase in time and cost. The fact that the incoming files are in different formats prevents the integration with the systems and makes the work thoroughly complex.

The use of outdated technologies and the inability to work integrated with other technologies prevents the company from adapting to new technologies and causes it to remain on the old systems. The existence of different regulations in different countries is also a factor that makes it difficult for companies to comply with the regulations and laws of each country.

Robotic Process Automation is an end-to-end automation solution that can overcome the obstacles above. It can be used with legacy systems, integrated and scaled according to the needs, and reach 100% accurate results. Thus, the rate of people making mistakes is minimized and productivity increases in parallel.

Call support lines are one of the lines of business that we frequently encounter, especially in the e-commerce sector. Customers can sometimes seek assistance from a representative by writing online, sometimes in-store, or by calling phone lines. It is possible to automate all of these processes.

From automating manual activation processes such as tariffs and campaigns, to instant discount checks and answering questions that customers constantly ask, receiving complaints, and reporting them on a daily basis, many processes can be carried out by software robots without any error, instead of being done by the human workforce and long working hours. Customer satisfaction can thus easily be raised and the reliability of the brand itself increases accordingly.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows to increase productivity, reduce cost and facilitate integration. It saves you and your team time to focus on value-added, strategic work.

It provides data collection and complete inspection in all kinds of fintech applications. It can read all invoices one by one from the folder containing invoices in PDF format, extract the keywords and data in these invoices, open SAP and pass the details on the invoice there, and send notifications by e-mail.

In addition, by checking whether it is compatible with the tax number in the database, if it matches with each other, sends. In the scenario where two numbers do not work, the software robot sends an e-mail informing the person in charge about this and asks if it should still send it. It can fill in the seller’s e-mail address, invoice date, invoice number, invoice amount and invoice explanation, and send an e-mail with an SAP registration number to a specified e-mail address.

Robots can automatically retrieve remittance information from checks, e-mails and web portals, match it with invoice information, automatize verification and reconciliation before and after payment, notifying exceptions and notifying recurring payments.

Productivity and employee satisfaction increase in parallel with automated processes and robots that work tirelessly.

One of the most time-consuming jobs of Human Resources is recruitment processes. The processes of entering the personnel’s data on the SSI employer page with the information received via SAP, sending the declaration via e-mail, entering the data that is in another human resources tool, and updating all of them simultaneously through all tools and programs, can be automated end-to-end. Likewise, dismissal processes can be done automatically.

After the person starts his new job, all kinds of business processes from the request of the personnel card to the meal check card or the entry of the health report can be automated. Therefore the human workforce can be channelled to much more value-added jobs. Thanks to RPA, human resources employees can devote more time to tasks containing strategic planning, correct evaluation of the people to be recruited, and the onboarding process of new employees.

Legal processes consist of many paperwork and reporting. With software robots, it is possible to automate processes without losing control and in accordance with the legislation.

For example; software robots can access all online systems entered with e-signature, record all other actions in the trial and calendar, and lastly create an agenda. In addition, it can also perform tasks such as filing a lawsuit, sending a petition, extracting data, sending power of attorney through tools for lawyers. In order to keep the updated versions of the files on the computer, all the declarations sent online in PDF format can be put to the correct folder and dated on a daily basis without the need for the human workforce.

In addition, during the execution process, the inquiries of the clients and the other party’s registered information on relevant tools, vehicle, and real estate inquiries, can be automated and easily performed. Apart from all these, other tasks such as keeping and arranging the client portfolio, checking the specimen of signature and seals, which also take time and do not require a human workforce, can be done quickly and errorlessly by software robots.

Lawyers can find their calendars updated for them on a daily basis and can spend more time writing petitions and research, while robots can do the rest for them.

Companies Benefit From Kronnika's Digital Workforce

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a digital process; an automation software that imitates a human behaviour and repeats within certain rules.


Once RPA software is trained to perform certain operations; it can automatically perform all transactions, process data, trigger responses and communicate with other systems if necessary.


Lowers Costs (Pay as you go)

Robot workforce is 3 times cheaper than human workforce.
Makes work flawless, eliminates the cost of remaking.
Does not require a license fee, you pay as much as you use the robot.

Provides Speed and Flexibility

Finishes a process 6 times faster than a human.
Can perform multiple transactions at the same time.
Makes everything traceable with reporting features.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Can respond to customer requests 24/7.
Can take action instantly.

Easy To Apply

Does not need integration.
Does not need any changes in the software being used.
Can be developed and start working within a few days.

You don't need costly, tiring and long projects for automation!

Automation in any digital platform
Pay as you go
Reduce dependence on staff
Interoperability between softwares

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