Company Overview

Our story began in 2016 with a simple but challenging question directed to us by EY Group’s Country Head: “Can you guys make robots ?”

As a software company we though robots would be a little bit out of our league but after a small research we found out about software robots. Could we be talking about these robots? The answers was Yes! We were talking about RPA, software robots interpreting existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems; in-short mimicking people actions on a computer screen.

We opened a small R&D branch in Izmir. We named our project KRONNIKA. After 3 years of hard work of explaining why RPA would be a good fit for company’s back office processes, preparing PoCs, developing software and pitching our unique approach of RPA to investors, we turned our project in to a company supported by Albaraka’s Fintech fund. Name of our new venture is KRONNIKA Corporation.

Our mission is to help companies save millions of work hours by use of our robotized process automation platform & services.

Our Values

We value creativity, innovation, know-how and scalability & sustainability in all the processes we automate.

We take bold decisions to achieve perfection in RPA world.

We listen our customers to deliver usable and value added RPA solutions.

Our Approach

In KRONNIKA we value how our clients think; how they define problems, how they define success, how they differentiate themselves and what value they propose to their customers.

This help us to understand our customers’ business process and map their needs into robotic process automation libraries. From business processes to mouse clicks, integrations to automations, we breadcrumb customers’ thinking processes into the RPA robots & libraries. Thus our robot farms seem to be perfect extensions of the business that runs smoothly by our automations, which burns into corporate memory.

Applying input/output approach, we bring robotic process automation closer to business needs and transfer business insights into robot farms assuring cost benefits, speed and accuracy in processes.

Our Vision
To be the #1 time saving RPA company in the world.

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