FAQFrequently Asked Questions About RPA

We believe you are hearing about RPA more than any other term in IT world these days. We wanted to help you with basic consepts and some of the questions needed to be answered when choosing an RPA solution. Hope this helps you. If you have further questions, please reach us so that we can assist you further.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure computer software or a “robot” to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. (*IRPAAI)

RPA solutions can benefit to your company in a lot of ways. Top benefits of RPA solutions are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased accuracy and quality
  • Increased cycle time and positive cash flow
  • Better customer experience
  • Increased revenue
  • Technology and IT independence
  • Speed and simplicity in implementation
  • Quick return of investment
  • More insights and analytics about your business
  • Fast strategic execution

Simple & Powerful RPA Solution!

Kronnika has a framework approach to robotic process automation. Our research on RPA showed that almost all solutions cover one area better than the others. Even though business cases are very similar among companies, they all have unique human touch or dependency on the processes.

Empowering open source technologies and combining them with our custom made solutions, Kronnika delivers the best possible solution to each path. With each path added to automation, Kronnika grows from RPA to cognitive Automation to chatbots to Cognitive Services when and if necessary.

Top reasons to engage with Kronnika team:

  • Experienced & Flexible Team
  • Simple & Transparent Processes
  • Powerful Technology
  • Reasonable Costs
  • Exceptional Support

Kronnika has web interface to manage all the necessary tasks for any type of automation.

Once you create your scenarios using Scenario Designer, you can run them on robot(s) and monitor your running jobs on Scheduler. You can also get detailed reports and statistics about your automated scenarios on Reports&Statistics page.

Thanks to Kronnika’s modular structure supporting distributed computing with centralized management and monitoring functions, millions of automated jobs can be handled simultaneously.

Kronnika has Scenario Designer, Scheduler, Robot Manager, Catalog and Report & Statistics components for creating, scheduling, monitoring and reporting the automated scenarios.

Robot is a combination of hardware/system resources and software that allows us to automate processes.

In Kronnika, we call each automation process Scenario. A Scenario can have one or more Tasks in it depending on the steps and flow of the automated process.

You can get your first scenario up and running within days, even hours. The actual time to make a scenario ready is closely related to complexity of your process. It usually takes one to two weeks to prepare an efficient scenario.

We help you all along the way to choose the right automation processes and start your RPA journey with the most simple and effective way.

Depending on technology and the underlying IT environment, robots can perform significantly faster than human. Reduction in your processing can reach up to 90% which 30%-50% that can be achieved for an average process.

This factor will however depend a lot on the latency of your underlying applications. Populating a web form can take milliseconds for a robot against few minutes by a person. However, then wait time for the form to be submitted or loaded would be same.

Robotizing a process that is part of Quote-to-Cash cycle may lead to direct cash flow impact. If by applying robotics you are able to reduce your Q2C cycle by 1 day for $1M annual revenue, you are generating additional 2 / 365 * $1M = $5.5K cash flow for your Balance Sheet. (*Alsbridge Consultancy Group Reports)

Depending on technology and the underlying IT environment, robots can perform significantly faster than human. Reduction in your processing can reach up to 90% which 30%-50% that can be achieved for an average process.

When the automated processes are closely related to your sales and marketing KPIs, Kronnika creates a big positive effect on revenue streams.

For example, you can increase response times to your customers by processing their applications and requests faster, you can create competitor pricing or feature set benchmarks by using different sources, you can see your product’s current position on different marketplaces more frequently.

In Kronnika, we can automate almost any process of yours in a reasonable amount of time with the minimum cost. Once you have automated scenarios ready, we can run them on thousands of robots and give you the detailed results right away.

Choosing the right process for automation is a critical task to complete. Sometimes automating a process can take too long, cost you too much, and yet still doesn’t work for you.

At Kronnika, we work with you to create a list of possible scenarios and prioritize them. To this end, we offer the “Process and Path Discovery”, an efficient means to check your manual processes and create a scenario list. Our “Scenario Scoreboard” is then utilized to prioritize the scenarios on the list. In this way, we list and find out the most suitable processes to RPA. If you already have a list in mind, that is great, we can always start with it.

Our goal is to help you start benefiting from your RPA journey as quickly as possible.

Yes, definitely.

In Kronnika, we strictly follow your companies security rules and compliance metrics. We implement GDPR and KVKK procedures for end-user data.

As Kronnika team, we are here to provide you the most reasonably priced RPA solution. Kronnika is free of licensing cost and, gives you option to choose from different pricing models depending on your business needs. Please contact us to get more detail about our pricing models.

You don’t have to pay anything before trying Kronnika!

We will provide you a PoC (proof of concept) work for free for one of your small scenarios. Please send us the first task you have in mind and let’s get started!

After a successful PoC, we will start automating your scenarios. Depending on our contract and pricing model you will have fixed one time and monthly bills.

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