Industry Based Solutions

Kronnika offers industry based solutions which you can learn how you can benefit from Robotic Process Automation in the technologies you use. In addition, you can start saving time easily and quickly with Kronnika by sharing the processes in similar industry solutions with us. Thanks to Kronnika’s pay-as-you-go model, you can start implementing the solution that suits you in your business within a few days without paying a robot license fee.

As more and more people use telecommunication companies to maintain connections with various global networks, these companies have to compete with each other to provide the fastest, most affordable, and cutting-edge services.

Many telecommunications providers spend their employees’ efforts on tasks such as data collection, data management, data transfer and entry, and collection control while conducting rapid growth and large-volume operational processes. Thanks to RPA, all these can be automated and the time-consuming work that takes part in many routines, from competitor price tracking to customer management, can be left to Kronnika’s digital workforce.

For example; you are working in a telecommunication company. Our call center robot can be used for people reaching a particular operator. You can do all this with digital workforce in minutes rather than doing it manually.

Since banking and insurance companies are integrated with legacy systems, they now need more intelligent and efficient systems. With RPA, it is possible to transfer tasks such as creating new accounts, verifying, managing accounts, invoicing, reconciliation, address updating, which constantly change on a daily basis. Thus, constantly updated reports, embroidery, forms and many more can be done by metal collars instead of spending human workforce.

For example, you work in a bank with many employees and the meal checks of the employees need to be settled. A robot that checks the collection data of the bank’s own system and produces a daily report with the collection data sent by the meal check company.

The easiest way to measure success in the travel industry is to evaluate customer satisfaction. Orders and payment processes must be managed correctly, documents must be transferred to the digital environment and data must be processed in accordance with the laws.

In addition, support line operations are also of great importance in this context. It is possible to perform repetitive and non-value-added tasks such as preparing personalized offers and sorting visa documents correctly, by using Robotic Process Automation for a much lower cost and without errors.

For example, the travel agency you work with runs tours. Some of these tours take place in countries that require a Schengen visa. At this point, the visa documents of the people participating in the tour must be requested, collected, arranged and sent to the visa center.

Kronnika robots can check whether the documents received from the customers are missing, automatically report the missing documents to the customer and request them to be completed, and put the incoming documents in a certain format and order. It can also send the completed documents for each person to the visa center by e-mail.

Health is the sector that concerns everyone and should perhaps be carried out in the most correct way. Many processes such as transferring and processing the data of patients correctly, creating and managing appointments, processing medical invoices, and tracking patient records are also in the usual flow of the work itself.

Robotic Process Automation has the capacity to do all these in a much shorter time than humans. 

If you work in a hospital, there are doctors with a high patient density. These doctors may need to undergo emergency surgery and postpone their existing appointments. Likewise, cancellations and postponements are made by the patient.

The software robot can carry out processes such as managing all of these, creating new appointments at appropriate intervals, sending an automatic e-mail to patients whose appointments have been cancelled, quickly and without error.

The number of personnel employed in the retail and FMCG sectors with the large business volume is quite high. Operational tasks such as separating and tracking products in each category, keeping up-to-date supply and logistics tracking managing orders and Human Resources processes, should be done. It is possible to follow changes quickly and up-to-date with software robots. Employees can get rid of boring and time-consuming tasks when robots regularly send reports to the person in charge.

If you are working in the retail and FMCG sector, metal collars can easily take over the repetitive tasks from you, such as reporting and sending reminders for declining stocks, without your need to be concerned with the follow-up and reporting of stocks and orders. Likewise, it can organize the complaint records created by the customers and forward them to the relevant departments.

In the automotive sector, it is very important to follow the competitors on a daily basis as well as to follow the sales. Many tasks can be done by RPA, from managing production processes to distributing it to suppliers.

While the storage, management and analysis of data provide convenience to the employees with software robots, they can also digitize documents and create real-time proposals. Robotic Process Automation saves time by making all these fast and accurate.

It is indispensable for a sustainable future to use the existing resources correctly to protect the environment. In this context, it is possible for RPA to automate processes such as invoicing, customer information management, support line operations and management of complaints in energy and environmental industries. Software robots can monitor, track and report them at certain intervals in a short time and without errors.

These are undoubtedly the field that has to improve in terms of technology. The systems that are settled years ago should be changed and should be made easier and more efficient. In order to do this, Robotic Process Automation comes with its fast and easy integration abilities.

RPA technology, which has the capacity to perform processes such as collection tracking, reporting, address change, processing of government applications, and information transfer between systems, can be integrated into any system and does not pose a security problem as it operates directly on the computer system it is connected to.

The biggest workload for a government employee may be filing and handling of official documents. With RPA, you can scan a document that came on a physical paper and transfer the information on the scanned PDF file to another excel file or make a categorization according to its name and store it in the correct folder. Doing all this does not take more than a few minutes for a software robot.

There are dozens of operational jobs in logistics. The most important of these will be shipment tracking and planning, while order and inventory tracking can be ranked second. Thanks to RPA, all these can be automated and even many other routine tasks such as customer relations, emailing, invoicing, processing, data tracking can be left entirely to robots. While robots can create reports quickly and accurately, employees can focus on work that requires an added value and decision-making skills.

If you work in logistics, you are familiar with processes such as collections, international and domestic shipments and listing.  Digital workforce can lighten your workload and can do these in a short time without error.

Companies Benefit From Kronnika's Digital Workforce

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a digital process; an automation software that imitates a human behaviour and repeats within certain rules.


Once RPA software is trained to perform certain operations; it can automatically perform all transactions, process data, trigger responses and communicate with other systems if necessary.


Lowers Costs (Pay as you go)

Robot workforce is 3 times cheaper than human workforce.
Makes work flawless, eliminates the cost of remaking.
Does not require a license fee, you pay as much as you use the robot.

Provides Speed and Flexibility

Finishes a process 6 times faster than a human.
Can perform multiple transactions at the same time.
Makes everything traceable with reporting features.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Can respond to customer requests 24/7.
Can take action instantly.

Easy To Apply

Does not need integration.
Does not need any changes in the software being used.
Can be developed and start working within a few days.

You don't need costly, tiring and long projects for automation!

Automation in any digital platform
Pay as you go
Reduce dependence on staff
Interoperability between softwares

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