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WhatsApp Quick Response Robot

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Implemented with RPA, WhatsApp Quick Response Robot monitors and controls customer requests and complaints via WhatsApp for you, and reports them and saves them in your CRM system.

Müşteri Talep ve Şikayetlerini Dijital Asistanınıza Devredin!

WhatsApp Quick Response Robot collects data from communication apps and tools like WhatsApp and provides complete data transfer to your CRM system.

Thanks to Kronnika’s cost-effective and pay-as-you-go model, you pay our robots by the minute they work. You can find the opportunity to easily examine and evaluate the demands and complaints that come to you every day without the need for human labor.

It can respond to customer demands and complaints 24/7. It increases customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It takes the operational workload on the employees, assists them, and saves time.

Our robot can examine the keywords you predetermined in messages from WhatsApp and extract this data. It can notify you of important sentences and requests by e-mail.

Provides professional, efficient, and secure communication on WhatsApp. Reports posts and texts that do not comply with GDPR.

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