Web Automation

What is Web Automation?

Today, many businesses keep their data on the Internet and conduct their daily operations through online portals. Repeating the same activities in the web browser takes time and effort, not a particular skill. This is where the web automation solution we provide plays a great role, allowing employees to focus their creative and critical thinking abilities on more crucial tasks and ideas.

When software executes predetermined tasks through a web browser or web application, it is referred to as web automation. This digital robot will perform the tasks assigned to it just like a human and it will get faster and more accurate results. In the meantime, the return of the labour investment to the company will be much more beneficial. Some of our robots, connected with a web browser and ready to operate in Kronnika, perform duties like price/competitor tracking, online media monitoring, and customer relations management, saving businesses time and money by working around the clock.

What is the Process of Web Automation?

To understand web automation, let’s consider you have a business model where you sell shoes online. If you sell X brand shoes for 50 dollars and others sell them for 43 dollars,  the shoes will not be bought from your store. The web browser won’t highlight your store, so people will buy the cheaper one.  


While selling this shoe by two vendors, you or your staff may decide the price. But what if the same shoes are sold in 50 stores? In such cases, you can take advantage of Kronnika robots to quickly reach a flawless result. 


In the diagram on the right, you can see an example of a Web Automation process.

Web Automation Robots and Their Benefits

How does the process in the previous example help you? If you sell X brand shoes for 50 dollars and other sellers sell them for 43 dollars, it is likely that the shoes will not be bought from your store. While selling this shoe by two sellers, you or your staff may decide the price. But what if the same shoes are sold in 50 stores? Our robots can help you in these situations. Our pricing/competitor monitoring robot, developed by RPA Developers in Kronnika, can provide you with a price report by visiting all of the websites that offer X shoes on the internet for you. If you like, it can even update your selling price for you automatically. As a result, the robot will have completed a long and tedious task for you, and you will have free time.

You may either order specialized robots for your business from Kronnika, or you can buy one of our sample robots that do web automation without paying a robot license fee, install it on your computer in minutes, and start using it. Price Whatsapp Competitor Tracking Report Some of our robots that you may buy include KVKK Violation Detection and Vehicle MTV Control. You can see other ready-made robots here.

Save Time

Delegate your time-consuming tasks to Kronnika Digital Assistants. Save time for both your employees and your business.

Reduce Your Cost

Start using Kronnika robots without paying the Robot License fee and reduce your cost.

Increase Your Output Quality and Accuracy

Improve the output quality of your work and grow your business with more accurate results thanks to faultless robots.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide incessant service to your customers, reduce churn rates and increase your revenue.

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