Screen Scraping

What is Screen Scraping?

Screen Scraping is an essential part of data migration and integration scenarios today. RPA enables contemporary applications to connect with legacy systems that require APIs.

Getting data from another app’s UI is frequently the only option. Even if you have access to the database, migrating it from another interface is sometimes easier.

Screen scraping, on the other hand, is a method of reading text data from a computer display terminal’s screen as well as describing two-way data interaction.

The terms “screen browsing” and “web browsing” should not be used interchangeably. Scraping information from a screenshot, terminal session, or video picture is known as screen scraping. Web scraping is the process of obtaining data from within a web browser. Instead of parsing data as is the case with Web Scraping, Screen Scraping is linked with programmatically gathering visual data from a source.

How Screen Scraping Works?

Scanning is possible in a variety of applications, including desktop computers,.NET, Java, WPF, Terminal, and Citrix.

RPA may operate on almost any Windows, Mac, or Linux program. This includes terminals, remote desktop (RDP), emulators, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and AppStream.

Thanks to automated procedures including data collection from digital documents, management of these documents, scanned document reading, corporate application integration, content migration, and activation of desktop applications on mobile, all of this can be done without wasting human time with RPA.

What Are the Benefits of Screen Scraping?

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Increase Your Output Quality and Accuracy

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