RPA Developer

We are looking for new RPA developers to join our Kronnika team. Main responsibilities will include the development of our Robotic Process Automation(RPA) scenarios, creating RPA library items, and implementation of platform interfaces. We would be happy to welcome you to our team!

Department: Development
Project Location(s): İzmir, İstanbul, Remote

Behavioral Skills

  • Ability to put in practice analytical problem-solving skills.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to work well with a variety of personalities and styles.

  • Customer-focused, solution-oriented, and a good team player.

  • A fascination with processes, product management and RPA.

  • An interest and aptitude in embracing new technology.

In addition to these skills, we expect you to have knowledge and working experience in the following subjects:

Technical Skills

  • Fundamentals of programming

  • Scripting languages (i.e. Javascript, Python, Unix Shell Scripting)

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS.

  • Working mechanism of web-based applications

  • Other RPA Tools and Platforms

  • At least intermediate level of English

Having experience in the following will give you an advantage:

  • High-level Python and JS skills

  • Solid knowledge of Process Flows and Diagrams

  • Code samples of your work on Github or similar platforms

  • Web Automation and Desktop Automation technologies. (i.e. Selenium, Puppeteer)

  • Version Control Systems (We use Git)

  • Basic knowledge of operating systems (I.e. Windows, Linux)

  • DevOps environments, technologies, and tools.

  • Project management tools. (i.e. Jira, Trello, Asana, Redmine, Basecamp)

  • Agile methodologies.


You would be responsible for the following tasks as a member of the development team:

  • Developing robotic process automation (RPA) scenarios using the related languages, tools and techniques.

  • Using and following the company’s pre-defined tools and processes.

  • Documenting, installing and maintaining the RPA scenarios.

  • Giving support to existing scenarios.

  • Being responsible for the end-to-end life cycle of your projects (development, set up and installation, operations, maintenance).

  • Exploring and trying new technologies, applications and sharing the results with the team.

What We offer

  • Taking part in projects of various sizes and in different domains.

  • Learning the most exciting and core part of software programming: problem solving through experimentation with different programming languages and technologies.

  • Gaining experience in software life cycle processes, tools, and techniques through their application.

  • Being part of a welcoming team that encourages everyone to share their ideas and communicate clearly, recognizes hard work, and trusts cares for, and learns from each other while having fun.

  • Quality working conditions that ensure excellent employee experience in terms of self and professional development, well-being, inclusion and engagement.

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