Excel Processing

What is Excel and Excel Automation?

Excel automation or Excel processing is one of the automation types preferred by businesses today. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that offers the opportunity to keep all kinds of data, especially numerical data in the form of tables or lists, and to easily make all the necessary calculations and analyses related to these data.

What is Excel Processing?

Excel Processing is the general job definition made through RPA technology, by collecting certain data requested from Excel within certain filters or processing the data into Excel with the desired filters in the same way.

While Excel processing work can usually be requested from customers as part of a process with several stages (such as Web Automation followed by E-Mail Processing, Excel Processing and Email Automation), it can also be requested as a stand-alone process.

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In Which Industries Can Excel Automation Be Used?

Excel, especially in the fields of banking, finance, and accounting although it is prominent in its use, it is used in almost all sectors as it is used in making lists, complex analysis, complex calculations using formulas, and all transactions related to keeping inventory.

While talking about the importance of knowing how to use Excel in the past in these sectors, the importance of companies benefiting from Excel Automation in the world developing with technology is mentioned. For example, tasks such as stock tracking in excel can be automated.

Along with the digital transformation, the use of this software has been taken a step further with Robotic Process Automation. Although RPA technology has just been heard in Turkey, most companies, especially leading companies such as McDonald’s, Bereket Sigorta, Tempo, have realized the advantages of RPA and have directly seen the contribution of automating transactions to their companies.

How Does Excel Processing Works?

What Are The Benefits of Excel Processing

We know that Microsoft Excel is the software that even companies that invest millions of dollars in software such as SAP and ERP, which are strong enough to meet most of their requests and demands, cannot give up. As this is the case, even page-long reporting tasks in Excel can sometimes be performed manually by employees.

Thanks to Excel Automation, RPA robots can do these jobs at less cost in a much shorter time compared to the working time that employees will allocate for these jobs. As a result, employees can allocate their working hours for high value-added work rather than wasting time on routine work.

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