Email Processing

What is Email Processing?

Email processing or email automation is one of the automation types preferred by businesses today. For most businesses around the world, communicating through email has become the main method of communication for many reasons.

Email processing is the processing of the email in your inbox, either as it is or according to some filters, by extracting certain parts of the content and processing it into a different file. Files in which the content is processed can be processed in different formats, such as Excel or Word. On the other hand, email automation is to perform email transactions automatically according to certain filters or at certain time intervals.

How Does Email Automation Work?

Even if it is very important for your company, processes such as reviewing the inbox, e-mailing by showing a certain target audience, creating a mail pool with certain keywords cause a loss of “time”, which is the most important term for you.

Many businesses are trying to automate elements of their email processes to better serve their customers and allow employees to focus on responsibilities that only they can do.


In Which Sectors Can Email Automation Be Used?

There is hardly any industry where automating email processing and streamlining inbox-related tasks can’t have an impact. While communication is one of the most important parts of every job description, communication through email is one of the most common methods among businesses workflows. When this is the case, mailing processes in every sector from the health sector to the fast-food sector and in every department in these sectors are not only time consuming but also inevitable.

Benefits of Kronnika Email Automation Robot

Kronnika’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) functionality is for IT and business users to quickly and easily automate email actions without writing a line of code. Since Kronnika has an intuitive drag and drop interface, the process to be automated is implemented very quickly. With a comprehensive corporate automation strategy, you can use the Kronnika RPA Platform for e-mail automation and e-mail processing without paying a robot license fee and allocating a budget as much as the minute of the robot you run.

Save Time

Delegate your time-consuming tasks to Kronnika Digital Assistants. Save time for both your employees and your business.

Reduce Your Cost

Start using Kronnika robots without paying the Robot License fee and reduce your cost.

Increase Your Output Quality and Accuracy

Improve the output quality of your work and grow your business with more accurate results thanks to faultless robots.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provide incessant service to your customers, reduce churn rates and increase your revenue.

Clients Using Kronnika RPA Solutions

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