Desktop Automation

What is Desktop Automation?

Desktop automation refers to the operation of desktop software and the use of desktop apps. Desktop automation is one of the robotic process automation solutions, and it may execute tasks like copying and pasting data, data entry, data transfer, opening, and executing programs.

Many different solutions are used in each process. More than one automation solution is used in a single project to open an excel file obtained from the website (web automation), process the data (excel automation), and then save and rename the excel file on the desktop to a new location. The desktop is the most significant of these solutions that all operate together.

What is the Process of Desktop Automation?

Human clicks must be mimicked for desktop automation to be implemented. The robot may accomplish this in two ways: physically moving the mouse or physically moving the mouse to a specified point on the computer screen. First, it can be conditioned to go to a specific colour or shape on the page given its coordinates and perform actions like clicking, right-clicking, holding, and dragging, or it can be conditioned to go to a specific location given its coordinates and perform actions like clicking, right-clicking, holding, and dragging.

In order to benefit from the desktop automation solution, you need to allocate a computer to the robot during the hours you want the robot to work. Since everything is done with the mouse on the desktop, if the computer and especially the mouse are interfered with during the robot’s operation, two different commands will be given to the robot at the same time, so the robot’s operation will be disrupted. For this reason, the robot runs on the device by itself.

What Are the Benefits of Desktop Automation?

Despite the fact that computers have caught up with the era, you realize you are wasting time when you are bored while waiting for every Excel file to open when you see the text “3 minutes to upload” while downloading any file, when you waste minutes thinking about going there, and when your work becomes longer at the end of the day as a result of these waits. Delegating and automating desktop processes that contain lagging and slow processes to the robot frees up your time, allowing you to devote it to work, family time, or personal time.

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