What Makes Kronnika Different from Other Platforms?

Kronnika.io is full featured, easy to use, low code, highly scalable, license fee free RPA platform! 

Kronnika team set out to make RPA technology accessible for everyone, and become the most time saving RPA company in the world!

Kronnika helps businesses save their time, increase their revenue and lower their operating costs by automating their manually-handled processes and tasks. From the technical perspective, Kronnika is also a high performance, scalable, full featured RPA solution with the following major modules: scenario designer, scenario runner(orchestrator), robot manager, robots, billing & subscription, analytics and reporting.

As an individual RPA developer or analyst, you can become a Robot Maker, and create and sell your own robots on Kronnika’s Robot Marketplace.

You can also join Kronnika as a Marketplace User, you can buy ready-to-use robots and automate your daily tasks without any technical knowledge!

As a company, you can start using the Kronnika.io RPA platform and benefit from RPA technology without paying any license fee.

Kronnika Academy is also always there for you to start your RPA career today. 

Take Back Your Time!

  • Design and manage all your RPA processes from a single web interface(kronnika.io) without dealing with any desktop application. Develop processes and monitor all the jobs from anywhere, anytime!
  • Run your robots on not only Windows versions but also on Linux Ubuntu and Mac OS.
  • Stop paying license fee for your robots, trying to utilize a single robot’s time and juggling to schedule your jobs. Enjoy Kronnika’s Pay-As-You-Go model, buy robot credits, create and use as many as robots you need for the jobs and only pay for the time your robots spend. 
  • Start using the most popular programming languages, Python ve JavaScript, for your custom scripts instead of VB Scripts.
  • Run multiple robots on a single virtual server or machine, and manage your system resources more efficiently.
  • Use built-in file management module to manage and share input and output files of the processes instead of using file system on operating system. 
  • Share your robots and automated processes with other authorized people in your team or organization.
  • Publish your automated processes as marketplace robots on Kronnika Robot Marketplace and monetize them. 
  • Join Kronnika Robot Marketplace and start using ready-to-use robots without any technical knowledge.
  • Scale your RPA robots and business without a platform user or robot number restrictions.

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