API Automation

What is API Automation?

Before we get into how API automation works, let’s define the API. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s the software that allows two applications to communicate with each other.

In recent years, the use of RPA has become a preferred alternative to save cost and time in API integration. RPA is preferred because it is faster, easier, and cheaper.

How to Do API Automation?

API automation can be done using software robots instead of an IT team, thanks to RPA. RPA allows you to complete complex automation in a very short time, which would take a long time due to traditional integration options. RPA allows you to control the process from a single platform instead of using several programs.

It is possible to send requests to API applications and process incoming responses using RPA. With the answers received from the API, it is possible to enter data into other applications, consolidate and report the data, and send mail. In this way, managing the information flow can be done much easier. Thus, all API transactions can be automated without the need for human intervention. API automation with RPA is advantageous both in terms of speed and cost.

The API integration can turn into long time-consuming and costly projects for companies with the involvement of many applications and processes. The reason why costs are high and integration takes time is the extra effort of coding and IT teams. In API automation with RPA, the costs are more affordable compared to IT companies and teams.


What Are The Benefits of API Automation with RPA?

RPA, which is a part of digital transformation, is now becoming a necessity for companies rather than a choice. Realizing the benefits of RPA, companies are preparing themselves for digital transformation or e-transformation, while saving time and cost.

We can list the benefits of RPA as follows ;

– It saves time for employees.

– Reduces risk and ensures compliance.

– Low Code No Code.

– Eliminates human errors.

– It reduces costs.

– Agile and easily scalable.

– Robots provide the option to leverage APIs.

– It can go directly to any database or API without going to the user interface.

– Complex API automation that take time with traditional integration options are done faster with RPA.

– With RPA, you can manage the process from a single platform instead of multiple applications.

– May provide access to legacy technology for applications without APIs.

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